What is Ambien?

Ambien is the brand name of the drug Zolpidem prescribed to treat sleep disorders. Ambien 10mg helps in making people fall asleep for a long time if they take the drug just before going to bed and if there is a gap of seven to eight hours between the time a person sleeps and the time a person wakes up. The drug comes in two formulations – immediate-release and extended-release.

The immediate-release tablet helps in making a person fall asleep when they go to bed and the extended-release tablet, also known as Ambien CR, has a first layer that dissolves quickly and helps a person fall asleep, and the second layer dissolves slowly to help a person stay asleep. Which formulation of the drug is best for you depends on your health expert.

Important Information

  • If you are allergic to any of the ingredients of Ambien or to any other drug of a similar kind, you should refrain from taking the drug to treat sleep disorders.
  • Ambien should not be shared with any other person, even if that person is badly in need of the drug to treat his sleep disorders and maybe having the sleep disorder which you already have. The drug is not approved to be taken by children. Abuse and misuse of the drug can lead to dangerous side effects.
  • Ambien may impair your thinking ability. You may be in a sleepy state the very next morning of taking the drug before you went to sleep, especially if you take the extended-release formulation of the drug, or if you are a woman. Wait for at least 4 hours since you wake-up while still being under the influence of the drug or to do anything that requires you to be physically or mentally alert.
  • Never take larger doses of Ambien or more than the prescribed limit.

Ambien-10mgBefore taking this medicine

As you already know that Ambien is a drug prescribed to people having sleep disorders. The biggest disadvantage of taking the drug is you may not have any recollection of the activities you have done under the influence of the drug-like driving, eating, making phone calls, or having sex. If this happens to you, you should stop taking the drug or switch to some other medication to treat sleep disorders.

You should not take the drug if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the drug, as mentioned earlier. The drug is not prescribed to anyone who is younger than eighteen-years-old.

To make sure that the drug is safe for you, you should tell your health expert if you have:-

  • Depression, mental illness, or suicidal thoughts.
  • Drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Lung disease or facing difficulty in breathing.
  • Sleep apnea (breathing stops while a person continues to sleep).
  • Liver or kidney doesn’t function properly.
  • Taking the drug in the last three months of pregnancy for a woman may cause drowsiness or breathing problems in the newborn child.

What necessary precautions can I take while using Ambien?

When a person takes Ambien at its minimum dose such as Ambien 10mg, then to there are chances that it may affect you and have serious side effects of the drug. Hence, you should be using Ambien carefully as it is a sedative that helps to calm your mind and make it possible for you to sleep.

Below are listed some precautions that you must take while using Ambien –

  • The patients who are recommended the dose of Ambien should take it exactly as prescribed by the doctor.
  • You must follow the procedure that is given on the prescription label of the drug.
  • Do not take  Ambien 10mg in large amounts or for a longer time period. Always take the medicine as prescribed by the doctor; otherwise, there can be consequences due to the drug’s aftereffects.
  • You should know that the recommended dose of Ambien is not the same for men and women.
  • This dose is not prescribed for children below the age of 18. Taking this drug below the permitted age will have severe side effects.
  • Ambien should only be taken for a certain time period. The study says that taking Ambien 10mg for an extended period can make your body habitual of the drug.
  • If you have been taking the drug for long, sudden withdrawal from the drug can cause an adverse effect on the internal organs such as the heart. An unpleasant withdrawal may incur symptoms that could have been more dangerous for the body.
  • If you have been using Ambien for long, chances are that you must have become habitual of the drug. Any misuse of the drug can cause addiction, overdose, or even death in some cases.

What are the side effects of Ambien?

Ambien, as we know, treats insomnia, but the thing that we do not know is that is too has side effects that can make a person sick in many ways. Ambien, also is known as Zolpidem, can cause severe allergic reactions. Under such conditions, you should stop taking the drug and seek medical help from a physician or a doctor.

Side effects of Ambien are given below –

  • Feeling drowsy in the day time
  • Weakness in the body
  • Loss of coordination
  • Feeling tired and dull
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach upset
  • Muscle pain
  • Headache
  • Trouble in breathing
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Feeling that you might get fainted

This may not be the whole list of side effects that can occur in a patient. Before you take Ambien 10mg, you must keep these side effects in mind so that you can avoid them at your best.

How should Ambien be used as a medication?

If a patient is taking any other form of this drug like – extended or sublingual tablets, then he/she must take it according to the prescription that is provided by the physician. Always take this drug as per your needs. The patients are not allowed to crush, chew, or break the drug. Doing so will make your body react to the drug way early as it was supposed to be.

How does Ambien work?

Ambien sleeping pills when practiced activates the GABA neurotransmitters present in the patient’s body and binds them to the GABA receptors. The extra activity of GABA caused due to drug inhibits the neuron activity, which is associated with insomnia. It simple words we can say that using ambien would slow down the brain activity of the patient, helping them to sleep.

What is Zolpidem used for?

Zolpidem is the active ingredient present inside the Ambien sleeping pills. It can also be determined as the generic name for the drug Ambien. Zolpidem is a part of the sedative-hypnotic class of medication and is used for treating patients with insomnia.  This medication is used by the patients to help them fall asleep when they first go to bed. It is a short-term medication which should not be used for more than 1 or 2 weeks.

Generic Zolpidem is available in both the extended-release form of tablets known as Ambien CR as well as an immediate-release form of Ambien sleeping pills. Ambien CR pills are meant for treating the chronic sleeping disorder as it has two layers. The first layer dissolves rapidly and helps the patients fall asleep while the second layer takes time in dissolving, helping the patients to stay asleep all night.

How long does it take for Ambien to work?

Ambien sleeping pills when taken hits the blood concentration within the 30 minutes of consumption. It simple words we could say that it is a fast affecting medication. The half-life of Ambien is 1.5 hours, where the half-life refers to the time half-dose of the drug would take to leave the patients system.

However, this medication’s effect could last for up to 8 hours after usage. Ambien would leave the system of most individuals within 14 of use. However, the presence of Ambien could still be detected in the patient’s system depending upon certain factors and the type of tests being used.