Guideline For Western Union At Store With Cash

Western Union allows you to send payment directly by Western Union store.

Step-1: Follow the link and enter your Postal Code to get nearest Western Union Store. Find Nearest Location

Step-2: Write down or take the picture of above details like First Name, Last Name and Country. You only need to provide First name, Last name and Country for make the payment. Other details like City, State and Zip Code is not required by them.

Step-3: Simply bring your cash, go to Western Union Store with the above details to make payment within minutes.

(a) Bring your Driving Licence with the Cash.
(b) They don’t accept Credit/debit Card on the store.
(c) Don’t disclose that you are buying medicine with this payment, because you are buying the medicines without prescription. Payment will not be accepted for the medicine purpose.
(d) If they ask for the purpose, you have to say “You are sending money to your friend and I know him.”

Step-4: After payment they will provide you 10-digit MTCN. We can then process your shipping after getting the MTCN number.

Step-5: Provide the MTCN on Customer Care Number: +1(850)424-1335 or Email Us: